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Privacy statement

The moment you get in touch with us (with no obligations), you don't want your personal information falling into the hands of external parties. Rest assured, we share the same concern. At Kapustin International, we handle the personal data we receive from you in compliance with our privacy policy.

Kapustin International recognizes the importance of this information for keeping you informed and our organization updated. Therefore, we securely store your personal data in a protected database. We will not disclose your data to third parties unless we have your explicit consent."

Personal Data 

We gather your personal information under the following circumstances: when you provide your details through one of our website contact forms, when you sign up at any of our branches, or when you register to utilize our services.

Furthermore, your aspirations might catch our attention through alternative platforms. If it indicates that you could be interested in our services, we will reach out to you to confirm your interest. In the event that you are not interested, we can store this information in our database along with your request to no longer be contacted by us.

data we store 

We only store the data that is necessary for us to ensure that the relevant process runs as optimally as possible. Some information is required here. You can fill in optional data according to your own interests. The more (optional) data you make available / record, the better we can tailor our services to your needs.

  • Name and address details

  • Email address and phone number

  • Date of birth and gender

  • Curriculum vitae (CV), LinkedIn address and motivation

  • Information about education, internships, training and work experience

  • If relevant, references and testimonials

  • Passport photograph

If you start working for the client 

  • Nationality, BSN number, copy of ID and work permit

  • Other data for personnel, salary and absenteeism registratio

WHY do we collect personal data

We gather and handle your personal information for the purpose of carrying out our services. The data is utilized for various HR activities, including secondment, contracting ZZP (self-employed), recruitment & selection, advisory services, personal development and employability, salary administration, and personnel management. Consequently, the specific purpose varies depending on the reason for your inclusion in our database.


Would you like to learn more about it? The processing of personal data serves the following purposes:

  • Providing updates on our progress, upcoming industry events, and knowledge-sharing opportunities. This is done exclusively through our newsletter, but only if you have registered for it.

  • Evaluating your suitability and ambitions for mediation purposes.

  • Addressing your requests, suggestions, and/or complaints and making necessary adjustments to enhance our operations. Continuous improvement of our services is of utmost importance. You may be contacted for additional information and/or to keep you informed about progress.

  • Establishing and maintaining an employee or personnel/intermediary relationship or assignment with you, and managing the associated administrative tasks.

  • Recording client assignments in agreements, ensuring compliance and maintenance.

  • Safeguarding management objectives, internal controls, and company safety.

  • Complying with applicable laws and regulations if we have entered into an employee or personnel/intermediary relationship with you. This includes labour legislation, tax and social security regulations, and measures against fraud


With whom may we share your personal data? Kapustin international may disclose your personal information within the organization to relevant parties and, if necessary, to clients, subcontractors, suppliers, and other business relations. Personal data will only be shared when necessary, such as for legal obligations or as described under 'Why do we collect your personal data?'

data retantion 

The retention periods we use depend on the specific purposes and the laws and regulations.


The retention periods we use depend on the specific purposes and the laws and regulations.

Your data as stated under "Data we store?' are stored in our database for one year. This is from the moment you last had contact with a Kapustin International employee. After one year you will receive a message from us that you are registered with us. If you wish to be unsubscribed, you can inform us via You will then no longer be approached and/or mediated by US.


Business relationships include clients, suppliers, vendors and some other entities with whom we maintain a business relationship.

Kapustin International stores the personal data of the contact person with whom we do business. We do this to inform our relations of our services and other activities, to maintain a business relationship and to conclude and maintain our agreement.The contact details can be passed on within our organization for the continuity of our services to you.


We underlines the importance of our current relationship and joint future and is happy to continue to meet your wishes. Although we would like to stay in touch with you and keep you informed of our services, we understand if you want to change, delete or view certain data.

If you have your own account within Kapustin international you have access to a large part of your registered personal data. If you want to delete and/or change your data, you can contact your contact person.

You have the right to view, modify and delete your registered personal data. You can contact for this .


At Kapustin International, we prioritize reliability and take extensive measures to safeguard the security of your personal data. Our databases are protected by administrative, technical, and organizational measures. Only authorized administrators within our organization have access to your personal information.

If you have any inquiries, comments, or concerns regarding the protection of your personal data by Kapustin International, please feel free to reach out to us at

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