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Our Mission 

To empower our customers by providing them with seamless process 

Our Team

Daniil Kapustin

Daniil Kapustin

Founder & CEO

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Bohdan Kondratsky KI's employee

Bohdan Kondratskyi

Full Stack Developer

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Amay Patel

Amay Patel


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Gleb Kuchuk - KI's employee

Gleb Kuchuk

Talent Acquisition Partner

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Carl R Härtlein

Carl R. härtlein


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Dima Matushince KI's employee

Dima Matushinec

Front-End Developer

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Elizaveta Abdukhalik KI's employee

Elizaveta Abdukhalik

Marketing Specialist 

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Rooted in Academia: Like our candidates, our team is composed of postgraduate minds, ensuring deep understanding, fresh perspectives, and relentless pursuit of excellence.

Dreaming Beyond Boundaries: We envision grand possibilities and tirelessly strive to transform them into tangible realities



Embracing Evolution: We are committed to continuously refining our processes through the latest technological advancements

Unwavering Dedication: We pledge to provide our clients with the most optimal solutions, every time.


Our story 

In 2023, amidst the historic charm of the University of Amsterdam, Daniil Kapustin observed more than just a problem; he recognized a call to action. He saw talented friends, ready to make a mark, struggling to find their place in the Netherlands, often pondering the heartbreaking decision to return home.

From his time in a large recruitment company, Daniil recalled how businesses often felt unheard by big recruiters. They sought the right talent to fuel their visions but often felt left in the cold. Equally, many bright, eager individuals were being overlooked, their potential untapped.

Fueled by these observations, Daniil was inspired to light a beacon of hope.

He launched Kapustin International, anchored by a promise: "To empower our customers by connecting them with industry-leading talent" This wasn't just about filling positions; it was about crafting futures, forging connections, and lighting the path for both businesses and individuals to reach their highest potential.

For business leaders and hiring managers, Kapustin International isn't just a recruitment hub. It’s a bridge to a brighter, inclusive future. We are steadfast in our mission to help organizations build diverse teams, believing that varied perspectives are the keystones of innovation and progress. Together, let's nurture a workplace where every individual thrives, and collectively, we shape a world that celebrates every hue of human potential.



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